About us


The Vision

Our vision is to provide a global platform that can bridge the gap between students and teachers. We believe it achieves the first step to democratize the modern learning process when every student has access to high-quality online courses. By removing the geographic and demographic boundaries in the learning process, we aspire to bring students and teachers closer. At GrannyMaster, we provide access to high-quality online courses and the means to learn those courses curated by experienced educators. Our products will help students to discover the online courses and learn from the teachers they admire. GrannyMaster enables teachers to reach out to students across the world and unleash their true potential. Other members of the community have the opportunity to use each course developed by teachers with extensive experience, get reviewed and rated in an unbiased environment.

A good teacher can change the way a student perceives a subject. An outstanding teacher can bring to light the true potential of every student. Not everyone is lucky enough to learn from the best teachers out there. GrannyMaster lets teachers connect with students across the world, by giving them the ability to take their courses online. We help them form a bond with students and provides them with access to high-quality educational materials. GrannyMaster will reward teachers for their efforts and contributions.

The Mission

At GrannyMaster, we believe that everyone should have access to high-quality online courses. We provide learners the opportunity to learn courses that are curated by experienced educators who will impart knowledge in the best way possible while keeping the learning cost low.

We strive to make our platform and user experience the best in its class to build a gateway to access high-quality online courses. Our tech team pays close attention to make the user experience as distraction-free as possible.

We understand that every individual has his or her own learning style; some individuals may be visual learners, who prefer to study images and videos to understand a specific course. Others may prefer a more verbal environment for learning. At GrannyMaster, we cater to the needs of a wide range of learners by offering courses in all formats, including written, audio, and audio-visual.

The Student Community:

The cost has always been a show-stopper when students think about high-quality online courses. We offer affordable courses by following a subscription model, which allows students to maximize their savings by enrolling in a flexible package of bundled courses. By opting for a long-duration subscription plan, we offer the biggest bang for the buck. We offer flexible subscription plans so students can take courses at their own pace. If you are looking for a way to learn the core concepts of a subject in a stress-free environment, GrannyMaster is the platform for you. Welcome to distraction-free education experience!

The teaching community:

Are you a passionate and experienced teacher who wants to expand your horizons and spread your wings throughout the world? Here is a wonderful opportunity for you. At GrannyMaster, we extend our support to help you publish your educational content to reach millions of students across the globe. We provide technical guidance, support to fine-tune your content quality and get it published. We open up multiple options for you to partner with us and get rewarded. Join our community and let’s democratize learning together.

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