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Refund policy

All eligible courses purchased on GrannyMaster can be refunded within 7 days. If you are unhappy with a course for whatever reason, you can request a refund, provided the request meets our refund policy guidelines.

How to request a refund

You can quickly request a refund from GrannyMaster webpage page if you’re using a web browser. Follow the steps below.

Go to our contact us page.

Under the section “Select a reason for contacting” select the option “policy related”

Tell us about the course you wish to refund under “Details about query” section.

Refund request on a mobile device

If you need to submit a refund request from your mobile device, please login to our mobile site through a browser, and submit the request from the Contact us (as shown above).

Status of refund

Your refund request will also be confirmed by email.

We have a 7-day return policy

In addition to providing our students with a 7-day refund policy, we must also protect our instructors from fraud and provide them with a reasonable payment schedule. Instructors are paid after 7 days, so we do not process refund requests after the refund window.

Refunds denied for additional reasons

Refund requests may be limited or denied in our sole discretion if we believe there has been refund abuse, including but not limited to the following:

  • The student has consumed or downloaded a significant portion of the course before requesting a refund.
  • A student has requested several refunds for the same course.
  • A student has requested excessive refunds.
  • A user who has their account reported, banned or course access disabled due to a violation of our Terms or Trust & Safety Guidelines.

The refund restrictions will be enforced to the extent permitted by law.

Subscription refunds

Subscription plans on GrannyMaster do not include a 7-day money-back guarantee, and refunds or partial refunds are not available unless otherwise required by law. If you’re enrolled in a free trial, you can cancel it at any time without being charged.


Refunds for bundles purchased through third parties

Since the payment for the bundle was processed by a third-party vendor, we do not have the transaction on file and cannot initiate a refund. Please contact the third-party vendor directly for a refund.

If you enrolled in a course through a third-party sale or promotion, you will be refunded

When you enrolled in a course through a third-party sale or promotion on their platform/site (for example, a company selling or giving away GrannyMaster courses), please contact the third-party directly to request a refund. GrannyMaster does not have access to the necessary information to review or process such refund requests.

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